I’m actually really glad the commercial for Always pantyliners came out this Super Bowl. In under a minute they managed to speak to something I’ve been talking about for awhile. Lean in, Always. The message is “As a girl (or female woman), you define what “like a girl” looks like. You are not defined by age-old insults. Throw how you wish, run as best you can, and be yourself”.

chola powerI’ve had this dream to open a nonprofit that teaches women handywork around the house, automobile, and in the garden. There are so many valueable tasks that we have spent years just “leaving to the guy” to do. There is so much value in learning these skills and empowering yourself to do them on your own. It’s not about snuffing the guy or emasculating him. The project is a long ways away but I find any opportunity to empower another woman by showing her skills I’ve learned while also learning from others.

I’ve begun volunteering twice a week at a local bike workshop and have been excitedly overwhelmed with the work and tools that go into repair and rebuilding a bike. I’m learning from all walks of life– women, men, tourists, Cantabarians, elders, and the youth. Confidence in my ability to do almost anything grows and grows the more I learn about bike mechanics.

I’ve always been a confident person. I can change my oil, build a farm, repair a toilet, swim far and fast, and drink expensive whiskey– sometimes better than the boys. I can also throw a mean party, bake a fluffy, delicious cake, and sew a pillow. It doesn’t mean I want to be a boy (although Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy and Ciara’s Like A Boy spoke to me), I just don’t want to be defined by these things. I want to be accepted for who I am, for my flaws, and for my awesomeness.

So when I saw the commercial, I was delighted the message is exposed loud and clear. And during a big game with lots of guys watching. I hope everyone got the message.


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