Coffee Insight

I know a lot about coffee. It wasn’t until recently I realised how much I really knew. I attended a friendly coffee tasting one Sunday afternoon and ended up sharing all my knowledge to a captivated (and caffeinated) audience. They loved it and it kinda clicked that I was one who knew the most.

We brought our 1 lb. roaster, cupping supplies, gold filter, Yirgacheffe green beans, and coffee notebook. Eyes lit up as we unpacked our supplies and entered into “our zone”. We probably went into WAY too much detail about tasting notes, altitude of coffee trees, bean size and all. Everyone said, “You should open a cafe!” I’ve heard that before. I rolled my eyes and explained, “Cafes are hard work. I just want to make good coffee and talk to people about it.” Hmm… there was something there.

As you may have read from previous posts, we spent a decent amount of our time diving into the coffee culture. There is so much to learn! We’ve trained with master roasters, taken barista courses, toured roasters and cafes the world over, lived in many coffee-hungry cities and probably had enough coffee for two lifetimes. All without really taking it all that serious because, well… because we just loved it.

My partner and I drove home from the party hopped up on caffeine. But something else was happening. We’ve had these talks before– we’d dreamt up the decor of the cafe we’d start by the sea. We have an expensive wishlist of green beans from all over the world we want to buy. We have nearly one of every coffee making contraption. We’ve prototyped designs of logos and business names. But something was different this time. It’s almost like we didn’t have to say a word. We arrived home– I made the website, he did the research on bottles. We made a batch and brought it to the masses the next morning.


Today, we hosted our first free tasting of Tui Cold Brew coffee at a local coworking space. The people love it and they want more. Validation!

Watch this space!


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