Happy Christchurch-aversary to Me!

One year ago today, I arrived on the foamy shores of Christchurch. Well, I came by plane and I wasn’t entirely new to New Zealand. Some would argue that Christchurch is like no other place and I would agree. I planned on staying 90 days and stayed for an extra 275. Thank you Immigration NZ!

orange cat

Me, loving life in CHCH

In that amount of time, I’ve accomplished so much. Below is a list of those crazy happenings:

  1. Started a cycling social club called cycleCHCH. Here, I made friends who also loved bikes, riding, and parties. This year, I was gifted the cycle-powered cinema from Gap Filler along with RAD Bikes. Thru this club and with the help of Spark Bikes, brought proper bike parking to events such as TEDxCHCH.
  2. Speaking of RAD Bikes— I made a whole new family there. I learned so much and built two RAD bikes- one of which I took on my first cycle tour of the West Coast.
  3. I started a small press (fail!) and then started Tui Cold Brew, my latest venture. I’ve drank enough coffee for a lifetime.
  4. I found the best job on the planet as the Start-Up Activator at Ministry of Awesome. I’ve hosted many Coffee and Jams and been witness on the front line of epic growth in a budding city. Hosted Unreasonable Lab New Zealand – a 5-day business model accelerator.
  5. I spoke at Pecha Kucha to a crowd of nearly 600 people about the brief history of cycling in Christchurch. Public speaking is my jam!
  6. I learned how to surf and am now moving to the beach in a week. Life achievement unlocked!
  7. I managed to avoid snowboarding and skiing all year and put my bike on the snow. Another life goal achieved!
  8. I’ve been published in two magazines and managed to write nearly 100 articles on various mediums. My voice has been heard. Through that, I also tutored kids in creative writing and boosted my passion for literacy.
  9. I was in Wellington 3 times. Never made it to Auckland. Also touched The Catlins, Greymouth and Hokitika, Nelson, Hanmer Springs, Akaroa and all the Banks Peninsula, Kaikora, Queenstown, Wanaka, Aoraki/Mt. Cook, Twizel, Tekapo, Foxton, and Waikanae.
  10. Raced in the Giant 12-Hour, ventured up and down the Port Hills too many times, Bottle Lake-d and such. MTB was my thing this year! Hence the tear in my achilles. 🙂
  11. Established Cake Night, a weeknight event where friends gather ’round to eat cake and be merry. No further obligations required.

I honestly feel like I could go on but I won’t. Because it all makes me want to nap. It’s been a crazy year– one I never thought in my wildest dreams would come true. Phew!


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