My Best Friends

I miss my best friends big time. Holidays usually just come and go for me but I realised recently I haven’t been home for Christmas in 3 years and it all kinda hit me. This post is for them.

My best friends are Roshin and Benny. We call ourselves the Magia Mountaineers because we used to go on these ridiculous excursions in the Great Outdoors and explore new territory like we some sort of woodland pirates. Every best friend trio needs a good name too! We’d hunt for gemstones, caves, and water features. We’d sing in our best karaoke voices while we walked. We let ourselves into each other’s houses. We had a weekly trivia night meetup. We danced in the dark to Outkast. It was a simpler time.

We were closer than the Three Musketeers the summer of 2012. That’s the year I moved to New York, got a boyfriend, and quit my job. Benny got married soon after. We all made our own lives in different cities and rarely came together for ‘walk and talks’. That makes me sad.

I have moments here when I wish they were around. I wish we could live in a giant house with wings for each of us. Or a cluster of homes nearby one another. I wish we could just catch up over beers and moan and groan about our bosses, friends, and crazy families.

It’s not as easy as getting on a plane for a couple of hours to meet up anymore. I have to make a journey for 14+ hours. And that’s just to get to LA. They both live in NY now which makes it easier but that feels worlds away some days.

Best friends aren’t easy to come by. I’ve made plenty of friends here. But these were lifelong peeps. And they get my American ways. We still email each other funny links, rap videos, and articles about stuff from our inside jokes. We can sometimes Google Hangout and chat or check in via Whats App. That’s not enough though. There’s a level of trust and understanding that comes with best friends that no one else in the world will replace.

I’ve each been thinking about the topic of trust a lot lately. Whether it involved new boyfriends, new friends, or colleagues, there really aren’t many people in our lives I trust as much as those three. Not even family sometimes.

Roshin was the woman who came to my house one day in 2010, found me after disappearing for 10 years and saved me from a sad, lonely life. Benny was the man who went to my mom’s house recently just to sit and have a chat with her about life things. Roshin was the one who encouraged me to leave Atlanta and explore NYC. Benny was my roadtrip buddy on holidays and my writing motivator.

Roshin and Benny, you two are the best friends I hope everyone gets a chance in life to have. I’d do anything for you. Please come see me way the hell down in New Zealand. I have a nice place now for you to visit. 😉


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